About Us


MIDSTAR manages entire value supply chain for commodity business from strategic planning, business modeling, humane resource, assets management, shipping & logistical supports, risk management, Trade financing models along with a centralized treasury which cater the requirement of each business in order to create synergy of Commodity trading entities within the Group.

MIDSTAR specializes in the management of commodities business around the world; with special expertise in agricultural commodities.

MIDSTAR manages the complete supply chain of products related to human consumption as well animal feed consumption. In addition to trading, we also source bulk raw materials required for wheat flour mills & sugar refinery with volumes exceeding 5 million metric tons per annum.

MIDSTAR able to work competitively through its subsidiaries MIDSTAR FZE UAE, MIDSTAR Singapore, which can source, procure and deliver to every corner of the world; with all affiliates being members in GAFTA, SAL & other major industry associations.

MIDSTAR employ highly skilled people to manage sourcing and monitor standards, to ensure it always deliver quality products into the global market. The continued integration of upstream and downstream facilities is a crucial growth driver in business.MIDSTAR is committed to ensure the most competitive product with best quality to serve the markets in middle east, north Africa and Asia.

Thanks to our founding fathers’ principles and ethical standards, MIDSTAR is known for its unflinching dedication to it high standards as well as its emphasis on making high quality products available for its clients. We partner with best of the counterparts all around the world who perceive us as credible counterpart to do business and know us for our integrity, transparency and ethical & moral responsibility in all markets.

MIDSTAR unique way of taking on international trading and global logistics has been the key driver since its inception. With our high-quality products and logistical know-how and market presence, our practice has served to create sustainable levels of growth within our business.

MIDSTAR takes privilege & pride in their long standing presence in commodity market & their vast experience which helped in acquiring the art of trading which only comes with time.

Commodities and in particular grains are subject to fluctuations in supply, demand, transportation, storage and price that create risks for both consumers and producers. Risk management is an integral step in our processes where we use several tools to minimize market exposure, by any single or combination of physical Cash Trading, Exchange Traded Futures, Exchange Traded Options, Over the Counter Swaps and Derivatives.