Our knowledgeable trade team have many years of experience in the International grains market.

  • Long term partnerships with clients and suppliers are set in stone.

  • We research new and current markets so all possible supply sources are controlled and used to your advantage.

  • Our team of traders’ monitor demand and supply and global prices to ensure the best deals and opportunities are obtained.

  • All of our products are sourced from quality suppliers

We have the state of the art IT solutions that supports the traders, execution team, freight team, trade finance and risk departments. Analytical reports are generated regularly to ensure effective decisions are made.


  • We trade milling wheat, feed wheat, corn, soybean meal, barley and other feed grains from Black Sea, Europe, North America, South America, and Australia to various destinations in the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, East Africa and the Horn of Africa.


  • We trade soybeans and other oilseeds from North and South America to South Asian and East Asian markets.


  • We deal in both raw and white (Crystal & Refined) sugar, we originate raw sugar from Brazil and deliver to our refinery in Yemen for producing refined sugar for further distribution in domestic market. we also trade in white crystal sugar from Brazil, India, Thailand & Pakistan.

Rice & Other Agri Products

  • Whether from Thailand, India, Pakistan, or Vietnam, our strength is in the solid networks that we have in different originations that enables us to trade rice competitively. We have a strong expertise moving rice both in break bulk and containers.