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Our Shipping & chartering department, warehousing, transportation, and terminal access across all chain touch points creates executional efficiency and control.

MIDSTAR has centralised shipping & Chartering department which handles the entire volume from MIDSTAR by managing the freight & logistics for dry cargo movement from origin to destinations. MIDSTAR shipping department comprise of dedicated Chartering desk with specialized team of expert shipping professionals in addition to Operation desk who works round a clock in order to ensure the smooth operation of trading business.

Chartering desk works on both Voyage Charter and Time Charter basis with effective use of regular routes as the base cargo in order to ensure the competitive freight achieve to support Trading desk.

The Operation team has excellent experience on pre-fixture and port fixture chartering operations.

Diverse Needs

Our understanding of logistics and pan-country & continent issues provides opportunities for diverse supplier and customer solutions.

Flexible Supply

Our experience Trade Team that are supported by a highly qualified execution team can provide flexible solutions to customize as per the customer’s requirement.

Expertise and Experience

To assist in enhancing the value for ourselves as well as our customers