As global industry leaders in Agri business, Midstar continues to leave its mark through viability and virtuous standards.

Established in 2006, Midstar is a global agricultural commodity trading business having presence in Dubai, Singapore and Egypt. With expertise and inherited experience, we specialize in agricultural commodities for human and animal consumption, managing the entire supply chain for commodity businesses. As our organization is deeply rooted in ethical business standards, we undertake all global trading practices by being cognizant of what we can deliver in the most efficient and righteous way.

Midstar has grown to be known as a global reliable partner in the agricultural commodity trading arena. Having a strong destination footmark, Midstar sources bulk commodities such as raw materials required for wheat flour mills and sugar refineries, with volumes over 5 million metric tons annually. Being a professionally managed business with a strong heritage of noble values and ethics, we operate on a foundation of trust, integrity, quality and commitment, earning us the respect of our global partnerships. We are a reliable supplier to some of the biggest food processors and service brands in the world. We embrace fair trading practices based on transparency and integrity. Over the years, our multinational team of professionals have established and consolidated commodity platforms including grains and sugar. Midstar has achieved admirable strides and established excellent long-lasting relationships with business partners worldwide, fortified with mutual respect, goodwill and trust. Our reputation precedes us as we continuously gravitate towards a forward-thinking paradigm in the agri-business sector.

Strategic Direction

Midstar aspires to advance as a global industry player and merge into new markets ensuring the continuous and consistent supply of food and feed.

Midstar has set the pace to ensure business resilience and organizational adaptability to unlock market opportunities. Having a strong base and financial standing, our objective is to make a lasting impact in selective markets of food and feed commodities with attributes of quality, price, and supply consistency. We focus on connecting and strengthening solid business partnerships with reputable counterparts. Our people are our greatest strength, and we value the exemplary professionalism of the distinguished teams affiliated with Midstar. Midstar aims to become a hub of excellence for global trade, demonstrating our commitment to progress and expansion while sustaining business growth.

Our Values

Our values are embedded in everything we do, with our people leading the pack as we advance in the industry.

We have a firm commitment to inclusivity, with our diversity of staff being able to bring forth different perspectives to the table. We believe that this is a fundamental and forward-thinking learning instrument which we utilize to cultivate a happy and conducive work environment for all. With our people at the forefront of our business, we continue to promote a growing network that embraces differences which ultimately add value to the company.

Human Asset

We treasure, nurture and support our people. Midstar embraces the diversity in talent which our staff contribute to our business, ultimately adding value and growth. We attribute our achievements to their capabilities and perseverance.


We honour our commitments and are dedicated to doing what we believe in while being aware of our promise to deliver what we commit to.


We consistently live out our values with honesty, sincerity, loyalty and respect as we commit to doing what is integral and right.


We value our stakeholders and accord them the highest respect, consideration and goodwill.


Passion and heart is what guides us on our journey to success, living out our values and working together towards achieving superior results.