We continue to expand our rice business and build strong connections to develop the product line.

Rice comes in many different varieties and is one of the most popular grains consumed by a large population in the world. Whether from Thailand, Pakistan, India or Vietnam, our strength lies in the solid networks we have built-in different origins, which enables us to trade rice competitively. We specialize in sourcing both basmati rice and non-basmati rice from our reliable sources.

We have strong expertise in moving rice, both in breakbulk cargo and container shipment. Midstar supplies rice to a wide range of customers as we strive to meet the increasing demand while maintaining quality products and competitive pricing. Our trading volumes have been increasing every year as we continue to be a reliable partner through our commitments.


Our basmati rice is sourced from our established connections in India and


We specialize in procuring non-basmati rice from our credible sources.